All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so. – Joseph Joubert

Upon entering the grand driveway, you’ll encounter the first of many gardens that abound at The Oaks Victorian Inn. Linda has always had a passion for making things grow and if you can’t find her just look among the flowers. She’ll be the one wearing the shirt that says, “Plays in the dirt, calls it gardening.”

From early spring until late autumn, everywhere you look there is something in bloom providing an always evolving landscape for the five historic oak trees on the property. One of them is believed to be the oldest white oak in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Walk under the wisteria arbor to the back gardens where you’ll hear the sounds of birds, soft wind chimes and the fishpond’s tranquil waterfall. Relax with a glass of wine on the spacious brick terrace appointed with wrought iron tables and chairs.

Some of the flowers that bloom in our gardens.