It’s Game Time at The Super Bowl

We mean the NRV Super Bowl here in Christiansburg VA. Always looking for hidden gems in our area, we decided to check out The Super Bowl. We had been several years ago when it was just a bowling alley, 32 lanes, and a snack bar. They’ve added an arcade, spin zone bumper cars and laser tag room. Bernie bought us a $20 Action card and we were ready to play. We had to play. This was research for The Oaks Things to Do page.

The first thing Bernie wanted to try was the Spin Zone Bumper Cars. To get there we walked past the smoking lounge/bar (must be 21+ to enter) and a snack bar with beer on tap, burgers, dogs, wraps, pizzas, Strombolis and large seating area. The Spin Zone does not have old fashion bumper cars with poles and steering wheels like they had at Rye Playland or Coney Island. These are high tech bumper cars atop big soft tires with joy stick controls. We each got in one, fastened our seat belts and off we went bumping and bouncing off each other. Every once in a while without warning they spin. Bernie kept saying “This is great! Who knew?”

Next we checked out The Arcade. We peeked in the laser tag room and decided to play another time when we bring friends with us. Coming out of the laser room I spotted my favorite old time game, Skee Ball. When you swipe your action card to start the game it also keeps track of your winnings. I played 1 round and won 6 prize tickets. Next to Skee Ball is a football toss, basketball hoops and Down the Clowns where you throw balls and knock down cloth clowns just like on the old Midways. We each won 10 tickets at Down the Clowns. There’s a Whack and Win test your strength, Angry Birds, Pac-Man, Big Buck Shooting game, an Air Hockey table, a claw machine where you go after rolls of prize tickets and more. We each won 25 more tickets at Whack and Win. As I was walking around checking out the other games, many of them big screen video, I lost Bernie. Found him blasting dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park game booth.

When you’re done playing you can either save your prize tickets or cash them in for small toys, big toys, candy, plush angry bird dolls or several big items like a Hamilton Beach Popcorn machine, a Sharper Image drone, a cotton candy maker or a dirt rocket motor/cross bike.

OR, you can just go bowling.

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