Buffalo Mountain Brewery

On our way home from Grateful Bread in Floyd last Saturday, we stopped at Buffalo Mountain Brewery, just north of downtown Floyd on Rt 8. The brew master, who’s Scots-Irish family has lived in the Floyd area since the late 1700’s, was truly thinking “out of the box” when he redesigned this 3 bedroom ranch style home into one of the coziest pubs you’d ever want to visit, and the beers are delicious.

The brewing vats are in what was once the garage. The taps are in what used to be part of the dining room and there are several tables and chairs in what was once the living room. Walls were put up while other were torn down to create nooks of couches, over stuffed leather chairs, side tables and coffee tables perfect for conversation or playing one of the many games available. Relax and play cards, Beeropoly, Beer Tap Your Knowledge Trivia, or maybe some backgammon.

We decided to try a flight accompanied by a giant salted pretzel from Grateful Bread bakery. Maybe you prefer kettle corn, hummus and other assorted nibbles with your beer. Not in the mood for a beer? Plenty of different coffees from Two Roosters are available. There are also future plans to offer Irish, Scottish and English Tavern pub food. Our flight was presented on a wooden board in the shape of Virginia with each beer served by a spot on The Crooked Road map.

The first beer we tried was the Appalachia Irish Red, a subtle malty, caramel and toffee flavored beer that went down just too easily. Next we tried the Flip-Flop Belgian Amber, a clean, crisp golden ale. It starts out sweet, has a citrus middle and a dry finish. Distraction, their Belgian Amber, has a medium body and is moderately spicy and fruity. The McDaniel’s Scotch Ale, named after the brew master’s father, is complex and rich with notes of dark fruit and caramel. Our favorite was the Trader’s Path Porter. It’s a rich, multi-layered malt beer with hints of plums prunes and raisins finishing with a slightly sweet molasses under tone. Lucky Charm Dry Irish Stout came in a close second for us. It’s a dark brown to black medium bodied beer with aromas of coffee and bitter sweet chocolate. Lastly we tried the Copperhead IPA a light citrusy beer, moderately hoppy with a little bit of a bite.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we returned the next day with friends who had never been and they loved it too. Include Buffalo Mountain as a place to stop for a pint or two when visiting Floyd.


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