There are Classic Cars in Christiansburg?

Last month we had guests 2 weeks in a row who booked rooms with us for a very specific reason, to visit Duncan’s Imports and Classic Cars. We had never heard of it and decided to see if it was one of those hidden gems we are always hoping to find. All I can say is WOW what an amazing place! Lots of vehicles are for sale and some are Mr Duncan’s private collection. We showed up without an appointment and the manager was very gracious and told us to look around as much as we wanted. We spent almost 2 hours just wandering and checking out more cool vehicles than we had ever imagined would be right here in Christiansburg.

There are mini trucks, firetrucks, space-age four-wheel-drive vans and sport coupes, convertibles and dignified luxury sedans, even several incredible hearses with intricately carved gilded pagodas plopped on the back of somber black Toyotas. There are 200-250 classic cars and over 600 right side drive cars. We saw a Teal 1970 Caddy Seville with custom teal brocade fabric seats and a 1938 yellow La Salle. There was a 1949 Mercury Eight Station Wagon with wood panels. We even saw a 1981 Delorian but without the time travel flux capacitor. There are over 100 left hand drive Nissan Figaros  and lots of classic cars from the 1930’s through 1990’s available for purchase.

Walking up and down the rows of cars was such fun. We were like “Oh look at the that, it’s station wagon with wood panels” and “check out the old VW beetle” and “look at the roadster”. In addition to the classic 1956 black beetle there’s a 1978 burgundy super beetle, a 1955 VW bus and a Volkswagon Thing in the owner’s private collection. Remember The Thing? I almost bought one of the them back in the 70s. He even has a 1976 Ford Pinto with red leather seats and orange with red plaid fabric and several Lincolns from the 60s that have to be the biggest sedans I have ever seen.

There are 5 BMWs in the private collection, a  2004 BMW 325Ci Coupe, a 1983 BMW 320i Coupe, a 1973 BMW 2002 Coupe, a 1982 BMW 733i Sedan and a cute little 1957 BMW Isetta Coupe just like the one Steve Urkel drove in the TV show Family Matters. I had no idea that was a real car.

Just go down the Oaks Victorian Inn driveway towards downtown. Turn left at the light onto Roanoke St. Drive about 3 miles and turn left at the Pizza Hut into the industrial park. When you get to the warehouse on the hill at 2300 Prospect St you have arrived. Even if you aren’t in the market for one of the many classic cars that are for sale, you can spend hours just browsing and drooling. Have fun.







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