A Day Trip to the Real Mayberry

About an hour and twenty minutes south of The Oaks Victorian Inn is Mount Airy NC, also known by many as “The Real Mayberry“. If you like watching reruns of The Andy Griffith show, this is a great little town to visit. Your route from The Oaks takes you through Fancy Gap, where on a clear day the views driving though the mountains are a feast for the eyes. There are approx 5 miles of vistas looking across valleys that seem to go on forever.

When you get there park your car in the municipal lot and head over to The Snappy Lunch for a pork chop sandwich. Last time we were there I ordered mine loaded..chili, cole slaw, mustard, onion and tomato and it’s only $4.20! A gentleman by the name of Charles Howard Dowell opened and operated Snappy’s for 61 years. He passed in 2012 and his family still runs the business. If a loaded pork sandwich isn’t for you, Barney’s Cafe across the street has great burgers and fries. Remember when Barney used to prop his feet up on Andy’s desk while he leaned back and sang to Juanita. As you may recall, she worked at The Bluebird Diner. Yup that’s there too.

Take a tour in a black and white squad car. It’s a replica of the one Barney and Andy used to drive. Just walk down Main Street past Floyd’s Barbershop and Opie’s Candy Store to Wally’s Gas Station. Cruise by The Andy Griffith Playhouse, the Old Jail and the visitor center – home of the Andy Griffith Museum, a statue of Andy and Opie going to the fishing hole and the world’s largest open face granite quarry. Check out the court house and sit behind Andy’s desk. Otis’s favorite cell is there. The first time we visited the museum Betty Lynn, the actress that played Thelma Lou, was there. Yes, I have had the pleasure of hugging Thelma Lou! Such a sweet lady.

It’s just a fun silly day and every guest we have sent there loved it.

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