A Day Trip to Floyd

Floyd is a really cute town and we have been there many times. Just head down our driveway, drive south on Rt 8 and in about a half hour you’re there. A new restaurant, The Parkway Grille, recently opened above The Harvest Moon Food Store so we decided to take a drive and try it. Several restaurants have come and gone from there, none of them able to make a go of it, which is a real shame because it is an incredible space. The ceilings are high, there are big windows with great views and for as long as we can remember, it has been an art gallery too. We arrived around noon and the place was hoppin. Nice menu, good service and lots of art to feast the eyes. Bernie had a burger and I had crab cakes. Both dishes were beautifully presented and tasted as good as they looked.

After lunch we continued south on Rt 8 and turned right at “The traffic light” in Floyd. Moonshine is a big part of Floyd’s history and about a year ago, Five Mile Mountain Distillery opened their doors to the public. It’s in a little building that was once a pump house that pumped water from Dodds Creek before treating it and sending it on to the town’s water tower. Progress shut it down in 1976 and the building stood empty, slowly deteriorating for almost 40 years before it was purchased and repurposed for the distillery. They make an Elderberry (80 proof), Vanilla Plum (80 proof) and a Sweet Mountain Moonshine (100 proof) Bernie and I shared a tasting and with each taste Bernie made his pinched up face that makes me laugh every time he tries any kind of hard liquor straight. I liked them all, but my drink of choice is a straight whiskey or bourbon. We bought a bottle of the Vanilla Plum, mine, mine, mine.

It was getting late in the day and we had check-ins coming so we headed back to The Oaks, but not without stopping at The Bread Basket. They make the best cinnamon swirl bread and I picked up a couple of loafs. The next morning we served our guests Apple Upside Down French Toast with bacon, YUM!

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