It’s Best to Book Direct

Like many bed and breakfasts, The Oaks Victorian Inn lists rooms on 3rd party booking sites like, Expedia, etc. What you may not realize is that most of us list only 1 or 2 of our rooms so that you find us. Rarely does a B&B list all of their rooms because of the commission we have to pay. Unlike hotels, where a room is a room  is a room, no 2 rooms in a B&B are alike. You may be missing out on something fabulous. Our Julia Pierce room has a working fireplace and a Jacuzzi for 2. Our Garden Cottage has a private hot tub and a sauna. Neither of these rooms is available unless you book directly with us.

You may see $169 as the room price. That’s the queen room listed with them but there is also a more expensive king room. You may see $219 crossed off with $199 as the price for our Deluxe king. That’s because $219 is our weekend price, $199 is our weeknight price. Many Bed and breakfasts use channel managers to sync up booked rooms. Some of these channel managers automatically add on the commission to the price of the room.  What you won’t see are our multi night or midweek specials. To take advantage of specials you must book direct.

When the booking site says “Only 1 room left” or “We’re sold out on your dates” that just means rooms on their site are not available. If you were to go to Expedia trying to book a room for tonight you would see “We are sold out” when in fact we are not because we don’t make same day booking available on Expedia. If you were to go to you’d find 1 room left. Looking for rooms for VT football games? Looking for weekends in October? Those are our blackout dates on 3rd party sites but we may have rooms available. Want information about the area? We can answer all of your questions. We live here. They don’t.

If you need to modify or cancel a reservation made using a booking engine, sorry we can’t help you. We don’t own that reservation, they do. There can be a lengthy back and forth process where you email them, they email us, we email them and they email you back. It can get very frustrating.

Booking engines are a great way to find lodging in your destination of choice, but when staying at a B&B it’s always best to book direct. Hope to hear from you soon!






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