The Christiansburg Kroger is Amazing

For the past year the Christiansburg Kroger has been going through an incredible transformation. What used to be an average 46,000 sq ft market, called a convenience store by some, is now a tremendous 82,000 sq ft super store. The first addition was the expanded northern section of the building that made its appearance late last summer or mid fall, I don’t recall. The new frozen section is huge with so many choices it boggles the mind and they’ve added a drive-thru pharmacy. Updating these 2 departments was “the big tease” because the expansion on the other side of the store stayed behind temporary walls for several months.

About a month ago the new southern expansion was revealed. We walked by walls of plywood, dark plastic curtains and signs directing us to the new addition. The dingy pathway opened into a bright open space far beyond expectation. There’s a floral shop, Starbucks, Murray’s cheese, sushi bar, wing bar, salad bar, hot food bar and olive bar. The bistro section has burritos and bowls, fried chicken, brick oven pizza, and deli sandwiches made to order. There’s even a free WiFi hot spot by the beverage center and plenty of tables where you can sit and have lunch.

The new deli counter is huge and just beyond that is the bakery where you can buy all kinds of fancy cakes, donuts, breads, cookies, cheese cakes, pies and more. I love shopping at the specialty meat and seafood counter because I can buy the perfect serving size for Bernie and me. The butcher has gotten to know my meat preferences so every once in a while I pick something he doesn’t expect just to keep him guessing.

Last week the final temporary wall came down and there is a big open space for the new wine and beer department. The bottle chandelier just above the center of it must be 12 feet across or more. Bernie and I had lunch there today and we got to talking with the store manager. He told us a new specialty beer case was on it way as well as a bulk food and kitchen dry goods department. I’m looking forward to being able to grind my own fresh peanut butter. 

There are still lots of empty shelves waiting to be stocked but everything should be done by the end of April and we’ll see you at the grand reopening in May!


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  1. Sounds great. I know it is going to be beautiful.I hate doing grocery shopping so this will help me enjoy it much more.

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