Scotch and Cookies at The Oaks Victorian Inn

Without a doubt, the best part of innkeeping is meeting all sorts of people and having the opportunity to share a little part of their lives. We’ve had the good fortune of meeting lots of wonderful guests who have invited us to share an evening. Here are a few of our favorite impromptu get-togethers.

One autumn night when it was too cold to sit on the porch, we found a guest in our parlor with his bottle of Johnny Walker.  “Get a glass” he said. “Join me” he said. So we did. About 10 minutes later another couple staying with us returned from dinner greeted by “We’re sipping Johnny Walker. Get some glasses. Join us”. They said they’d love to on one one condition…they needed to get the cookie jar first. After all what’s a good scotch without home baked cookies?

Three couples who had been travel buddies for 17 years, pulled up to The Oaks one summer night, checked in and proceeded to have a picnic on our porch. They had beer, wine, whiskey and 3 coolers full of goodies from Costco! Ooh Costco!!. We miss Costco!!!. They had cheeses, spreads, dips, crackers, sliced fruits, nuts, chopped veggies, chips, smoked meats, smoked salmon etc. Guess who they invited to join them? We spent 4 hours eating, drinking and talking before saying goodnight. They objected to us leaving but we had to get to bed. I’m not sure what time they finally turned in but an innkeeper’s morning comes early when you serve a 3 course breakfast.

A couple from New Jersey stayed with us our first 4th of July here. We hung out on the porch drinking wine and talking about things we missed after moving here from the Greater New York area. They asked us if there were fireworks nearby. We told them they started at 9:15 at the high school. Innkeepers always know what’s happening in the area. Yup, they asked us to join them and we had a great time. After their 3 day visit we said our goodbyes and I think I actually saw a few tears in Bernie’s eyes as they walked out the front door.

After we bought the Oaks Bernie was amazed to learn that lots of people travel without reservations. I traveled that way before we met and he thought I was crazy. One night a lovely family from Germany stopped about 45 minutes south of The Oaks hoping for rooms at the Trinkle Mansion B&B. Trinkle was full so they sent them to us. We had 2 rooms available and were we glad we did. They were great. After checking in we all sat on the porch talking over nibbles and drinks. The Oaks is a smoke-free B&B inside, but smoking on the porch is OK as long as none of the other guests object. The patriarch of the family asked Bernie if he’d like to try a cigar from Germany. On rare occasions Bernie indulges so he had one and really enjoyed it. About a month later a package from Germany showed up containing a box of those cigars. Like I said, the best part of innkeeping is the people you meet.

So, raise your glass and “Here’s to meeting and hoping to someday share an evening with you”.



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