Daffodils are Blooming at The Oaks Victorian Inn

Geez, can you believe it? Barely the end of February and our daffodils are starting to bloom. Spring is just around the corner which means it’s time to start cleaning up the gardens for their annual rebirth.

Today was beautiful sunny and warm, perfect weather for playing in the dirt. Got my wheel barrel, my hand clippers and gloves and started clean-up.  First I clipped back all the old mum stems revealing lots of little leaves barley poking out of the dirt. Our first landscaper told us that mums die during the winter but ours have come back for 6 seasons. Guess he was mistaken. The Stella D’or lilies are starting to send up shoots of new growth. Last year’s dead growth was hanging down below the shoots making them look like they all had beards which as of this afternoon have been nicely trimmed. The hyacinth are sending up buds and I found a few tulip leaves poking up too.

This past autumn, we had to pull up an old creeping hydrangea that ran along one side of the porch. It had sent dozens of vines all through the weather beaten falling apart lattice work. What a mess. Got that cleaned up and it gave us the kick in the pants we needed to finally replace the old crumbling lattice. There’s now beautiful black lattice that needs lots of flowers planted in front of it. Looks like a trip to Crow’s Nest or Wildwood Farms, or maybe just checking around the gardens in the back for possible transplants. Who am I kidding? I’ll use any excuse to go to a garden shop.

The ivy, decorative grasses, day lilies and assorted vines surrounding the fish pond will probably be next on the clean up list. Bernie always freaks out when he sees how much I cut it back but by the end of the summer it’s beyond lush and full. The back yard needs pruning, old growth removal and general sprucing up to get ready for Spring. I see buds popping up and dream about how beautiful they’ll be when in full bloom. Yes without a doubt, Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year.

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