The Alexandria Bathroom is Getting a Makeover

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Remember the Jan 2 blog “There’s Always a Project” ? Last April, when we attended the first AIHP conference, one of the classes inspired us to think about updating the Alexandria bathroom. Occasionally a potential guest asks for a room on the first floor with a shower because they can’t make the stairs and climbing in a tub is tough. The only rooms with walk-in showers are on the second floor. Not good, so we decided to rip out the tub in The Alex and put in a walk-in shower.

Our plumber recommended a contractor for the job and we love our plumber so we took his advise and wound up hiring a really great contractor.  Next we had to decide when to actually do the job. Our slowest month is January so we coordinated with the contractor and the plumber and blocked out rooms for the agreed upon demolition dates. So far so good. Next we went tile hunting. We found beautiful tiles and chose a very sharp accent tile and ordered them for delivery to coincide with start of the project. The wholesaler told us the tiles were in-stock no problem. OK, ready? Here it comes…The accent tile never arrived at the wholesaler. The distributor forgot to tell the wholesaler that the accent tile was on back order.  Bernie had a minor freakout!

I have a mantra. “Blessed are the flexible for they don’t get bent out of shape”. I told Bernie that everything would be fine and we’d just drive to the wholesaler and pick out a different accent tile. Two minutes later we were in the car on the way to showroom. The store manager was waiting for us and he was great. Due to the mix-up he told us that he’d give us our tile at a discount, YES! After looking at tiles for about 15 minutes we found an accent tile that we liked even better than the original and it was in stock. YES!

Our contractor arrived at 8 the next morning. It took a day to remove the old tile and on the second day of demolition the old tub was removed, put on a hand truck and wheeled out the front door. That afternoon walls went up for the shower, the plumber was called in to reroute the pipes and the shower pan was put in and leveled. Next came tiles and grout. When that was done our plumber came back to install the shower head and handle. OK ready? The handle didn’t get ordered. Again, minor freakout for Bernie. Remember… “Blessed are the flexible for they don’t get bent out of shape”. We called the plumbing supply house and they had the handle we wanted in stock. Bernie picked it up and our plumber installed it.

All that’s left now is installation of the sliding glass doors and that happens in a couple of days. Who wants to be the first guest to use the new shower? Just go to The Oaks Victorian Inn and book a night in the Alex



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