Christiansburg Loves Route 8 Donuts


About a year ago we saw some activity in the old Deli Mart building on route 8 right before the 114 entrance/exits to I-81. The building had been empty when we bought The Oaks Victorian Inn back in 2010 and we wondered if anything was ever going to be in it again. Rumor around town was a gourmet donut shop was coming to Christiansburg.  A few months ago a backwards glass sign with the words Route 8 Donuts appeared on the front of the building. A couple of weeks later we found their Facebook page.

The donuts are coming! The donuts are coming!

Finally after waiting and hoping and drooling, on August 8th the sign was turned around and  Route 8 Donuts opened their doors to a line that had been forming since 4 am that morning. Over 1000 donuts had been baked and by 8 o’clock were sold out. This little Mom and Pop shop had no idea how popular they would be and to satisfy the demand of their donut crazed patrons they decided to close for a couple of weeks, regroup, hire and train more staff to bake more donuts. On September 5th they reopened with over 3000 donuts. The donut elves had been baking since 7pm the night before to have the racks and cases filled by 6 am. Again they were overwhelmed with the donut crazed people of Christiansburg.  I popped by for a donut and a cup of coffee about 10:30 and all that was left were a couple of cinnamon rolls.  As I drank my Mill Mountain coffee and ate my absolutely decedent cinnamon roll, Kristen, one of the owners, sat down with me to catch her breath and tell me all about the amazing donuts I had missed but was sure to enjoy in the near future.

They have strawberry, apricot, blueberry. lemon, blackberry and Bavarian creme filled donuts. They have all kinds of glazed donuts. They have monster cinnamon rolls. They have twists and fritters and they have specialty donuts. Allow me to tease you with a few. The Elvis is a banana Bavarian cream filled with chocolate icing with or without peanuts. The PB&J is square shaped like a sandwich filled with black raspberry and topped with homemade peanut butter icing and chocolate drizzle. There are Star Lemon Filled Delights drizzled with vanilla icing and doused with powdered sugar. The S’mores are topped with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate ganache.

The opening week insanity is calming down and this morning Bernie bought a half dozen assorted donuts and a t-shirt that says “Donut Worry Be Happy”. We wish owners Kristen and Chris all the best and look forward to this great new addition to Christiansburg baking lots of delicious donuts and making lots of people happy for a very long time.




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