The New CineBowl & Grille is Amazing

cinebowl night

Many of our guests come to Southwestern Virginia to enjoy the majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the New River Valley. If you’re here on a day when the weather just isn’t being cooperative, we know a place just 10 minutes down the road from The Oaks. Yesterday Bernie and I attended a tourism meeting at the new CineBowl & Grille in Blacksburg and got the grand tour. All I can say is WOW!

Do you want to see a movie? There are 11 theaters with stadium seating plus an IMAX.  Go Tight Wad Tuesday, oops I mean Tasty Tuesday for great discounts. Meeting friends for lunch or dinner? There’s a big menu and a full bar. Want to hang out and watch a sporting event? The area known as The Stadium has 3 tiers of comfy red leather couches in front of big or should I say huge screen TVs. Order a drink from the bar and some munchies, sit back, relax and enjoy.

If bowling is your activity of choice, there are 16 lanes. Instead of your typical bowling alley plastic chairs and benches there are more of those comfy red leather couches with tables for snacks and drinks. Just push a button to call your server and order some goodies to nibble between frames. More big screen TVs are in the bowling alley, each spanning 4 lanes and showing either a sporting event or music video.

OK, so you’re not in the mood to watch a movie or a sporting event. Not in the mood for bowling either? Head upstairs to the Arcade! There are 40 games to play, some for prizes some just for fun. Play Skeeball, shoot hoops, play Down the Clown, Whack and Win, air hockey and more.

Movies, Eating , Drinking, Bowling or Vegging in front of a big screen TV. Now that’s what I call a really good rainy day.



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