Best Massage Ever!


One of the many Inn-Dulgences guests can treat themselves to when staying at The Oaks Victorian Inn is an in-room massage. Yesterday afternoon, while I was working at the pottery studio, Bernie decided to inn-dulge himself and called massage therapist extraordinaire, Tara Fowlkes. Her One Heart, Two Hands is the “Have Table, Will Travel” service we use whenever guests want to pamper themselves.

She was just finishing Bernie’s session when I pulled into our parking lot. I rarely get massages but after being hunched over the pottery wheel for 2 hours, my back was in need of Tara’s good strong hands so I asked if she had time for me. This was the first time she had ever worked on me and OMG, now I know why our guests love her. She starts out with a gentle touch allowing her hands to listen to your body, trusting them to find where to go deeper. Within 2 minutes she had found spots under my shoulder blades that were crying for immediate attention. She then did something that she calls “opening up her toolbox” using all the techniques she has learned to heal the body. She closes her eyes so she can tune in to what you need, using her hands, forearms and elbows getting deep into sore muscles.

Tara grew up in what she calls a “healthy touch” family learning the art of massaging feet, shoulders, backs etc. She told me that in grade school if you were in front of her in line it would not be unusual to be treated to in impromptu back rub. She has always had healing hands.  In 2004, Tara honed her skills at  the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga and became a certified massage therapist. She loves what she does and does what she loves and we are so very lucky to have found her.

All of our rooms can accommodate and in-room massage and our 2 king size rooms are large enough for a couple’s massage. When booking just let us know if you want an hour or an hour and a half session. If you want a couples massage, Tara has some wonderful associates that will join her giving you and your partner The Best Massage Ever!


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