Can you eat a 28 Inch Pizza?

big slice

A couple of weeks ago Bernie and I decided to take a ride into Downtown Blacksburg (just 10 minutes from The Oaks) and hunt for “hidden gems” off the beaten path. We found a great one! In 2010 we moved here from Northern New Jersey where you can get some of the best pizza on the planet, so finding anything that compares was going to be tough. I had heard about a pizzeria called Benny Marzano’s  so we decided to look for it.

It’s a funky little place on Draper St with a bar with stools the length of the front window, a couple of tall tables that you can stand at and a counter where you order your pie or slice. Not much atmosphere, but just enough to make it a great little dive. When we walked in there was a guy behind the counter tossing dough to make a 28 inch pizza…yes 28 inches. OMG they make the biggest pizzas I have ever seen. We each ordered a slice and a soda. Each slice covered 2 plates!!  I’m glad I ordered only one as I could barely finish it, but it was really really good. There was the perfect amount of sauce for my taste and the crust was just crispy enough.

Don’t forget to bring your appetite. You’ll need it!





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