Daylilies at Wildwood Farms Floyd VA

Just 30 minutes drive from The Oaks Victorian Inn is the most fabulous and dangerous place for a garden junky like me to visit. Take Rt 8 south to 221S (turn right at the only light) in Floyd. Drive about 4 miles to where Judy and Bob Bowman proudly present Wildwood Farms. Their gardens are located on two acres in Floyd, VA where they offer daylilies, irises, and other assorted perennials. My friend Sue and I took a drive to Wildwood this past Saturday because they have approx 600 different daylilies from which to choose your favorites.

Go into the General Store and get a list of all the daylilies to take with you as you walk among the flowerbeds, but be forewarned. There’s lots of great garden stuff in the general store and in October 2013 they added “Mama’s Pantry”. I controlled myself in Mama’s Pantry but it wasn’t easy. There are Virginia jams and jellies, country ham, fresh produce, bulk beans, lots of different salad dressings, Virginia grown nuts and gluten free and organic foods. This year they added “George’s Kitchen” where you can buy hand dipped ice cream, pizza and sandwiches. There’s also a stage where they have Bluegrass music on Saturday night and live music jams the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month during the Spring and Summer. Check their Facebook page or website for more info. My friend Sue spotted a great wind spinner, but it was a bit more than she wanted to spend so she hemmed and hawed about it until I reminded her that she had a birthday a few days ago and should just say “Belated Happy Birthday to me”. The spinner is on a fairly tall pole and it just fit in the trunk of my Subaru.

We took our flower list and started to walk along the beds. There were so many gorgeous lilies from which to choose and the blooming season hadn’t even peaked yet. Peak this year should begin just about the 4th of July. That’s when they have their giant explosion of colors. Yes, we are going back when the later blooming varieties are open. The flower list is organized on spread sheets for your convenience and arranged in columns as follows: Column 1 the price; Column 2 the name of the daylily; Column 3 the name of hybridizer; Column 4 the height; Column 5 the type of foliage (dormant, evergreen, or semievergreen); Column 6 expected bloom season; Column 7 the size of the flower; Column 8 the flower description; and Columns 9 & 10 are the bed and row that the flower is located.

Of course the 1st one that caught my eye was the “Awesome Blossom” a more rare higher priced lily. I don’t know why, but when I shop for specialty items I always seem to make a beeline straight to the more expensive stuff. According to the guide its an early mid-season 5 inch rebloomer . The color is breathtaking, antique rose with a raisin plum eye and outer border, and it’s $28 per plant. Judy, the owner was by that bed and we got to talking about daylilies. She’d very knowledgeable and a really nice lady.  I told her it was a little rich for my blood and would kept looking. There is a bed by our garden cottage that is going to be my daylily bed, mostly reds and pinks, so those were the colors I planned on buying. I chose 6 in those colors then spotted a peach colored lily that was too pretty to pass up. Had to have it. I gave Judy my choice list and she grabbed a shovel and went to dig up and bag my lilies. She’s very “hands on”.  I had totally forgotten that with every purchase over $50 you get a free daylily, diggers choice.  Judy dug me an “Awesome Blossom” ! Come stay at The Oaks and check out all the great flowers I bought.



3 thoughts on “Daylilies at Wildwood Farms Floyd VA

  1. I’m looking for a day lily called “Lady Lucille” and/or “Orange Vols”. Do you grow these varieties and if so, what are the charges for them and do you ship? I was at your place several years ago and purchased a number of lovely lilies that are the highlight of my back yard every summer. I’d like to add these to balance the colors. Thank you,
    S. Roth

  2. Well, I’m liking this…lol! What fun! Beautiful graedn! I’m going to have to come back and spend more time here! Btw, you were so brave to take all the blooms! They looked lovely on the table, didn’t they? It’s just the best thing to wake up each morning and see what the daylilies are going to show us!

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